Littles World

Little children learn while they see, touch, smell, taste and move in their environment, while they experiment with all raw materials which provoke them to use their imagination.Children learn as they speak, hear, watch, ask and respond.Working in small groups children cooperate with each other and act in tandem.Through games their instinctive curiosity is exploited, their interest is stirred and their thought is activated.

Littles applies a child-centered program, based on experiential learning.Our aim is the application of a prototype, creative educational programme for children of pre-school age, in which mental, emotional and social potentials of each child are developed meticulously under healthy and full of love conditions.

The educational program offers children the opportunity to apply skills, formulate questions, experiment, research, take initiatives, make suggestions, collaborate, express ideas, test and gives children the time and the right to make assumptions, to come to their own conclusions and find their own solutions.We are forming activities that make sense to children in order to approach Language, Mathematics, Science and Art through intersectionality.

Based on the principle that children learn more efficiently when they are actively involved in the learning process, educators and children are involved actively in order to approach knowledge through multiple and different recourses.Because only when knowledge becomes active and is experienced do children discover and enjoy the world they live in.In this way they develop into autonomous individuals who rely on their abilities.

At Littles children inspire education!

Angeliki Spirakopoulou

Principal| Educator