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Littles World

Little children learn while they see, touch, smell, taste and move in their environment, while they experiment with all raw materials which provoke them to use their imagination.Children learn as they speak, hear, watch, ask and respond.Working in small groups children cooperate with each other and act in tandem.Through games their instinctive curiosity is exploited, their interest is stirred and their thought is activated.

At Littles our educational program is formed for pre-school children aged from 2.5 years old up to kindergarten.

Project-based learning / Move forward – go back – move forward again

Through the project method, that is the research of a topic in depth, the critical thinking of children is enhanced.When children work on projects in small groups they explore, apply knowledge and skills, reach decisions and choose throughout the whole work process.This way their interest is fully activated and focused and they learn how to learn…

The building design of the facilities is being done with high aesthetic principles aiming for new classrooms and the specially equipped activity classrooms to function as reference point for a variety of educational activities and playing.The new school is surrounded by a garden of 2.5 acres, which ensures contact with nature and will be a model environment for young students.