At Littles our educational program is formed for pre-school children aged from 2.5 years old up to kindergarten.

Project-based learning / Move forward – go back – move forward again

Through the project method, that is the research of a topic in depth, the critical thinking of children is enhanced.When children work on projects in small groups they explore, apply knowledge and skills, reach decisions and choose throughout the whole work process.This way their interest is fully activated and focused and they learn how to learn.“ It doesn’t matter if a product will be produced in the end and what its shape will be.It is of higher importance the way that leads to it because this is the source of education.” (Karl Frey)

Our educational program approaches Language, Maths, Science and Arts through interdisciplines with appropriately designed activities giving children the motive to actively take part in the learning process and the knowledge creation.

  • English Programme
  • Music and Movement
  • Atelier
  • Theatrical play
  • Cooking experiences
  • Gardening
  • Library
  • Technology
  • Educational visits | excursions
  • Extra activities

We are family!

We encourage parents to not only be associates of their children but also ours. With their involvement in various dimensions of the program, parents are an indispensable part of the life of Littles.

Littles Team/Meeting of minds

Our people are our asset.The team at Littles consists of educators with experience in pre-school teaching and it is also supported by scientific experts per program sector.Would you like to get to know us?