Littles opened its doors in May 2012 for the first time. The Opening took place at Elaion str. (where the School premises where at first) and the first school year was 2012-13. Since then, Littles has grown and in 2015 it welcomed its students at Diligianni str. 11, where it remains until today.
In 2019, Littles was awarded with the “Educational Leaders Awards” prize and since 2020 it has been part of the Associated Schools Network of UNESCO (UNESCO ASPnet).


Little children learn while they see, touch, smell, taste and move in the space. As they experiment with all the natural materials they are invited to use their imagination. Children learn as they speak, listen, watch, ask and answer. Children, working in small groups, collaborate and act together. Through games their natural curiosity is utilized, their interest is awakened and their thought is activated.

So, how could we form a program for pre-school children, if we do not enter into their world first, in order to help them understand what surrounds them?

Littles is a School where a child is the starting point and the target of educational action. At the center of the school’s philosophy is the child’s all-round development. Our purpose is the implementation of an original, creative educational program for children of pre-school age, in which the mental, emotional and social capacities of each child are carefully cultivated in healthy conditions and full of love.

At Littles we encourage children to express themselves in all possible ways, through movement, language, mathematics, painting, constructions, theater play, dramatization, light-and-shadow play, music. Based on the principle that children learn better when they are actively engaged in the learning process, educators and children operate actively in order to approach knowledge through daily, small discoveries and in-depth research of a topic. Because it is only when knowledge becomes active and experienced that children discover and enjoy the world in which they live. In this way, they evolve into autonomous personalities with confidence in their abilities.

The vision

At an age characterized by constantly increasing challenges, Littles has the ambition to contribute through innovative educational programs – to the best of its possibilities – in the formation of sensitive citizens of a better, more beautiful and more just world.
The educational program of both the Nursery School of Littles and its Kindergarten includes a number of projects and events related to the following principles:

1. People must learn how to learn, how to acquire knowledge.
2. To learn how to put what they learn into practice.
3. To learn how to co-exist, live with others, cooperate with them and understand their feelings.
4. To learn to exist, to live a complete life.

These principles are directly linked to the 4 pillars of Education as described in the UNESCO 1996 Report.