Littles + DESMOS

Littles, in cooperation with the non-profit organization DESMOS, once more unite their powers. DESMOS is a Non-Profit Organization operating since 2012 and connecting those who can offer with those who really need it.

Like last year, this Christmas we are collecting until Friday the 11th of December 2020 items in good condition like clothes, shoes, toys, baby items and anything else such as diapers, powder milk, baby hankies, personal hygiene items, skates, buggies, bicycles etc. which may be useful to parents and children with limited financial means. After Monday the 14th December 2020 we will separate the items in the external area of Littles and then the people from DESMOS will distribute them to organizations taking care of our vulnerable fellow-people.

Give it away!

Littles participates in the Program “Give it away!”, a program carried out by Playroom and Bluecycle.

Would it ever be possible for a table or a chair to have the new technologies, innovation and creativity as their basic building components, and all that in a plastic recycled wrapping?

The two companies with a common vision unite their powers with lots of imagination and prepare to play in an original and unusual way, creating interactive children’s furniture and toys made of recycled plastic.

With a lot of imagination, children’s plastic toys and plastic material from sea cleanup are transformed into original creations.

As part of the Program, a dumpster will be placed in the School premises where furniture and plastic toys made of hard plastic like polypropylene, polyethylene and nylon will be collected. Every small green action counts, and every toy contains valuable components for the protection of the planet.

ALMA Award

The names of the authors, illustrators and organizations promoting love of reading who are candidates for this year’s important ALMA award have been announced.

The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award is the top award for a children’s book creator (author or illustrator) or an organization promoting love of reading. It has been awarded each year since 2002, when it was established by the Swedish government, with the purpose to enhance interest for literature in children and young persons. The Swedish Arts Council is responsible for all decisions. The award is accompanied by an amount of 500.000 euro.

Among the 263 candidates in the list, we find the names of great creators, like the Canadian illustrator Isabelle Arsenault, American-Canadian creator Jon Klassen, while from Greece author Vasilis Papatheodorou, author Antonis Papatheodoulou, author Loti Petrovits Androutsopoulou and illustrator Iris Samartzi, our own Iris, the person responsible for Littles Atelier for so many years, have been proposed for the Astrid Lindgren Award.

The winner will be announced on 13 April 2021, but, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it remains open whether the announcement will take place as part of the International Children’s Book Fair in Bologna, as has been the case every year.